debt collection

and keeping your clients too!

Debt Collection and keeping your clients too!

The two single most fared words within a normal average household “debt collector”...normally things have gotten pretty bad when this comes to mind...SD says not so.

Have a contact centre settle debts quickly before they blow out to a 90+ day cycle. Debts within 30 days are far more likely to be resolved successfully, some SME’s realise they have much larger and more costly issues once the 90 day cycle is upon them.

SD desperately understands that revenue generation is only as good as the customer payments being up to date or within reason. Through the recent GFC it is apparent and proven that successful consumer to commercial relationships can continue even with customers that are finding it difficult to meet monthly payments. Through our advance customer contact databases we are able to manage that process from a late payment through to successful outcome. If a successful outcome is simply not possible we can handle that as well.

Like most successful firms your job is to acquire customers through general marketing activities, we take the pressure away when dealing with your clients that become delinquent. Once the client account is up to date we can quickly transfer that record back to your firm and the relationship is re born with the customer.