facilities management

a general term we use that is used to engage and manage other facilities other than our own for a predetermined fixed time period

Facilities Management

An important concept in the facility management field is that of outsourcing, where the executive enters into an arrangement with external organisations to provide one or more services in preference to their being provided through internal arrangements. The reasons for this action can vary, including lack of in-house resources, lack of expertise and pressure to reduce costs.

Unfortunately confusion can exist because of the close association that facility management has with outsourcing. The two concepts are not synonymous; rather, outsourcing is one means for providing facility-related services to the owner organisation.

Facility management by SD is carefully managed with many years of experience that enables our team to look at the critical need of your contact centre requirements and what we have to offer in the way of payroll systems, human capital resources and quick to market centre advantages of predictive dialer technology, Sms, IVR, video chat, live chat web services, whole of country data resources, the list goes on.

Upon requesting this information we weigh up a multi-layered facet that includes:

  • Your core business and exactly what facility do you need help with.
  • Ability for SD to teach and develop internal solutions, if not permanent, perhaps a turnkey approach.
  • Or a full facility management geared solution.