revenue generation

Human capital x time = net cost. SD can design a specific program that generates product and services sales that can meet and exceed your target

Revenue generation ( hc x t =nc)

An important question every firm should ask its self, what am I prepared to pay to acquire a client paying by Visa, MasterCard or Amex, what is my cost of marketing via TV/radio/press, do I have the required budget to achieve what my internal commercial key performance Indicator is. These questions can prove frightening unless the time and effort has been put into the actual proposal. Is it a new product we are presenting, is this a new line for you, where are the fail safes and extraction points within point of no return,are we able to change the product service quickly to meet the public’s demands.

The above statements were designed to get you thinking. There is not a magic tap we can poor and your revenue streams are permanently taken care of. If SD feels that we will not achieve the required target (after initial testing) it is quite likely that we may not take you on as a client. Not all products and services can (or should be) handled by a call centre. However for the ones that are we are able to offer credit card gateway systems that allow for real time direct bank deposits under your company name on the consumers credit card statements, we can manage stock distribution with transport and logistics.

Each agent is a highly trained representative of your firm and taught to look for every possible sale option within the suite of products that you have made available, they arte taught to perform a needs based analysis on every call to give us every opportunity to move your products and services.